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Jewelry Care and Cleaning

As with any product, the life span of your jewellery will depend on the care you give it. Here are some suggestions to help keep your jewellery looking new.


Always store your jewellery in the plastic (air-tight) zip-lock bag in which it came in to protect from tarnishing (oxidization) caused by free radicals in the air.

Clean your jewellery after each wearing with a soft cloth before putting it away. This will remove the oils from your skin and debris picked up throughout the day and helps prevent tarnish.

Do not put your jewellery on until AFTER you have dressed and applied any cosmetics, hairspray, perfume, lotions and other chemicals. These can dull and even harm your jewelry.

Do not sleep with your jewellery  on. This causes unnecessary stress on the components and will make them more likely to break.

Remove jewellery when exercising, cleaning, gardening or any other rough or physical work. Also, remove jewellery before doing household chores, especially when washing dishes. Remember, many household cleaners contain bleach or other harsh chemicals that are harmful to jewelry. Hot weather, bright sunlight and perspiration can also speed up the tarnishing process. jewellery should always be taken off before the pool, shower or sea.

Do not wear your jewellery swimming or in the shower. Avoid wearing it around chlorinated pools and hot tubs, salt water, mineral springs and suntan lotion.When not wearing your jewellery store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Also, do not store jewellery next to heating vents, windowsills or in the bathroom. Damp and hot condition will cause the jewellery to tarnish badly.

Keep your jewellery pieces separated to avoid scratching. Storing one piece per bag will help prevent gemstone or pearls scratches and chain tangles. Any jewellery with touching metal parts will scratch and rub together over time (ex. two charms that hang together), so please do bear this in mind.


Do not use dips/abrasive cleaners  and do not use an ultrasonic cleaner, ammonia or other chemical solution to clean opaque gemstones like onyx, turquoise, and opals. These stones are porous and may absorb the chemicals causing discoloration.

Do not immerse your semi-precious gemstone jewellery in water. Wipe them gently with a moist cloth and then dry them with a soft, lint-free cloth before putting them away. Do not store semi-precious gemstones in direct sunlight.


Freshwater pearls are soft and can be easily scratched. They can also be damaged by extreme dryness, but never immerse them completely in water. An occasional cleaning with a moist, soft cloth is best. Be sure to avoid chemicals like alcohol, ammonia, bleach, chlorine, acetone, hairspray, perfume and cosmetics. Do not use a silver polishing cloth on pearls.


Silver and copper tarnishes over time. If you like the antique patina, you can just keep it clean by wiping it with a soft cloth. Remember, dips and commercialjewellery cleaning products will remove the antique patina and any oxidized detailing on silver, gold or copper. A Silver 'Dip' solution is only recommended to clean jewellery that has a shiny silver finish.


Caring for gold filled items is as easy as caring for any gold jewellery . Simply keep away from chemicals, clean regularly with mildly sudsy water, rinse well and pat dry with a non-scratching cloth. Polish gently with a jewellery polishing cloth.


Glass beads can be cleaned with mild dish soap and warm water. Dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth before putting them away. You may also wish to air dry them for a time to be sure there is no moisture remaining in the bead holes.


A soft, lint-free cloth can be used to restore the brilliant sparkle of Swarovski® Crystal. Simply hold the cloth between your thumb and fingers and roll the crystals back and forth, continuing along the piece until you have cleaned them all. If they require more than just cleaning with a cloth, you can use a soft, moist cloth or even baby wipes to clean them.

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