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My Story

My love for jewelry with identity and character started at very early age. I always believed that the jewelry you ware tells a lot not only about your style but also about your beliefs, character, dreams and real personality.

My passion for jewelry making came 30 years ago. Since then I have been exploring different materials and techniques to create pieces that express me.

In 2012 I co-founded with my sister ‘Inana Jewels’ a jewelry shop and studio. That was a great success and hundreds and hundreds of original jewelry handmade jewelry pieces we created and sold to wonderful souls like yourself.

When I turned 55 in 2018, I decided to launch Bead 55, to inspire and help you create the jewelry pieces that you love. To express your individuality and uniqueness and to make that special piece of jewelry you will ware with pride to gift to special people in your life.

I believe in you and your creative abilities and love to see what you create, so please share with me your creation and I will proudly share it on Bead 55 social media.

Happy jewelry making



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